Performance Therapy

Austin Physical Therapy Performance Center

Our Austin Physical Therapy Performance Center creates functional and comprehensive training programs for any athlete in any sport. Our certified strength coaches ensure success by training the body the way it was intended to move and creating strategies that improve movement patterns, not just individual muscles. Our Performance Center workouts will challenge you like never before!

  • Weekly strength training
  • Injury prevention classes
  • One-on-one personal training
  • Regular education seminars

Our Performance Center includes our Titleist Performance Institute – ( program that works with Junior and Adult golfers to decrease any physical barriers causing one of 12 common swing faults. Once screened golfers are provided an individual strength, mobility and power producing workout to be able to play better, more consistent and with more confidence. We welcome any competitive golfer who wants to increase their ability to swing with a repeatable swing. We work with all PGA teaching professionals to help create the best outcome for your game.


Our Junior Athletic Development focuses on kids of all ages being able to move efficiently, avoid injuries in today’s over-seasoned young athletes. From baseball, running, triathletes, gymnastics to volleyball – we see many injuries that are results of wearing down of their bodies. Incorrect speed/strength and training regimes will lead to increased breakdown. Our program is aimed at creating a safe and effective training program to challenge and propel the athlete to his/her best performance without risk of injuries.

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