Stacy M.

I knew I needed help when I could no longer raise my arm higher than my elbow and was in great pain if I tried to move it! Turns out I had a frozen shoulder. Austin PT restored my ability to move it fully and pain-free. The staff were great to work with! I saw two different therapists regularly and Mary and Kasi were both awesome. They made sure I knew what to do at home and while I was gone on three different planned trips so I didn’t lose progress. I started therapy on land, but was encouraged to give their pool therapy a try too because of how much my shoulder was hurting me and it was the best!! I loved how much better I felt after getting down in that warm water and how much easier it was to move it while under the water!! If I were to need therapy again for any reason, I wouldn’t bother trying anywhere else and I’ve already got my husband going there for his hips and back pain!! Five stars, great experience.