Gerald C.

Donna & Jerry had very complete evaluations and a detailed treatment plan was developed and provided to our respective doctors

In Jerry’s case the three exercises and stretches from the evaluation gave him significant relief from the pain in his knee within 3-4 days. Follow on treatment was done slowly to ensure it would not cause any further damage. The treatments helped the pain and built strength in both the knee and body core.

Donna’s progress has been a little slower after 50 years with back issues and other issues but is moving along well in the correct direction and she is also doing much better. Even her massage therapist noticed the difference in her movement. Austin Therapy does not give up. If one way doesn’t work, they find one that will.

Periodic testing is done to evaluate progress. Exercises are very individualized and altered as needed.

Exercise sheets are provided to continue the exercises at home between treatments.

If we need physical therapy in the future, we would go back to Austin Therapy.

Donna & Jerry