Patient Testimonials

  • Jay and crew finally got our son on track. Thank you.

    Michael H.

  • I’ve had lower back pain for years and been to many other PT clinics around the Huntsville area. Austin PT was the only clinic that actually took the time to see why the pain kept coming back. My pain is gone and my back feels better than ever. Great clinic with great therapist. If your looking for actual results then you need to go to Austin PT!!

    Luke H.

  • Over all, my experience at Austin PT has been great. I have been going there for about a year and a half to two years and I have seen great progression since I started both when working out and on the golf course. Since I stated I have gained about 30 yards on my drive. When working out, I’m now using more weight. This is partially because I am getting stronger and also because when I started, I was using little to no weight because Kasi (my trainer) cares a lot about having good form and doing things the right way so that later, when i use weight, I will not get hurt. Also, I have gained a lot on my vertical jump. When I first started it was 13 inches and npw , after all of my training, it is at 20.5 inches. So as you can tell, the progression has shown thanks to Kasi and I would highly recommend Austin PT.

    Circle T.

  • Staff is very friendly and helpful. Thank you Donna, Cas, and Mary. You guys are the best!

    Esther R.

  • The therapists are extremely dedicated and concerned to provide the best care for each patient.

    Eddie W.

  • A 5 star rating is not an accurate representation of the professionalism or the capabilities of this organization. After 2 unsuccessful surgeries Jay and his office quickly started strengthening my shoulder to aid in the recovery following the 3rd surgery. Jay’s approach to therapy is incomparable to anyone else I had in the north Alabama area. Austin Physical Therapy is single handedly the reason my career in the military is still an option. Being able to go from constant pain to actually being able to function better than before my injury is nothing shy of a miracle. With zero hesitation I would recommend Austin Physical Therapy to my closest friends and family. Thank you again Jay and Holly!!

    Koty H.

  • Austin Therapy is not like any other place I have received therapy from. All the people there are so caring. I totally changed my opinion about therapy after going here. Jay, Casey, Donna, Kassidy, and all the staff that have helped me are awesome. I have had two knee replacements within 3 months of each other and went through some hard times. Casey was always encouraging me and helping me with the pain. He always takes time to listen to what you have to say and is such a wonderful person. Thank you to all of the staff at Austin Therapy for being there for me.

    Tammie A.

  • Austin physical therapy was different from any other PT clinic I’ve had to go to. Every therapist that worked with me truly cared and wanted to help me rather than the usual “let’s get this hour over with” that I’ve gotten in the past in many other PT clinics. I would highly recommend Austin PT to anyone who wants to get good results and keep their good results!

    Luke H.

  • I appreciate the excellent therapy I received from Austin. I received expert therapy procedures and guidance from Mary and Casey. They were patient and thourough as they guided me through each exercise. They followed through to make sure I understood the correct way to practice and exercise. I appreciate their concern for my health. All other members of the Austin team were friendly and helpful.

    Glenda H.

  • I have high praise for the team at Austin PT. From the moment you arrive until you complete your session the people are friendly, knowledgeable and respectful. I have been to other PT offices, but, this is the only Physical Therapy Clinic that have noticed dramatic improvement. The innovative techniques and the drive to help me get better was demonstrated by all of the staff (the front desk, therapists, and the technicians). In my opinion, this clinic is the best in Huntsville!!!!!!!!!

    Matthew M.

  • I knew I needed help when I could no longer raise my arm higher than my elbow and was in great pain if I tried to move it! Turns out I had a frozen shoulder. Austin PT restored my ability to move it fully and pain-free. The staff were great to work with! I saw two different therapists regularly and Mary and Kasi were both awesome. They made sure I knew what to do at home and while I was gone on three different planned trips so I didn’t lose progress. I started therapy on land, but was encouraged to give their pool therapy a try too because of how much my shoulder was hurting me and it was the best!! I loved how much better I felt after getting down in that warm water and how much easier it was to move it while under the water!! If I were to need therapy again for any reason, I wouldn’t bother trying anywhere else and I’ve already got my husband going there for his hips and back pain!! Five stars, great experience.

    Stacy M.

  • Donna & Jerry had very complete evaluations and a detailed treatment plan was developed and provided to our respective doctors

    In Jerry’s case the three exercises and stretches from the evaluation gave him significant relief from the pain in his knee within 3-4 days. Follow on treatment was done slowly to ensure it would not cause any further damage. The treatments helped the pain and built strength in both the knee and body core.

    Donna’s progress has been a little slower after 50 years with back issues and other issues but is moving along well in the correct direction and she is also doing much better. Even her massage therapist noticed the difference in her movement. Austin Therapy does not give up. If one way doesn’t work, they find one that will.

    Periodic testing is done to evaluate progress. Exercises are very individualized and altered as needed.

    Exercise sheets are provided to continue the exercises at home between treatments.

    If we need physical therapy in the future, we would go back to Austin Therapy.

    Donna & Jerry

    Gerald C.

  • I came to Austin physical therapy this past summer and I have gained 15-20 yards consistently. I have also increased my vertical by 8 inches.

    Manning M.

  • We came to Austin PT on a recommendation after working with two other local physical therapists for an injury to our son’s elbow. He has played travel baseball for a few years as a pitcher, and he began to experience elbow problems that we couldn’t find an answer for. That is, until we found Kasi and Jay at the Hampton Cove location. Not only did Kasi correctly identify what was happening, but she set us up with a preferred orthopedic doc for an MRI and evaluation. They continually have been with us every step of the way for treatment over these past 8 months, and have displayed a true sense of loyalty and given excellent care to our son. We are even now involved with their sports training programs to develop strength and agility for athletes. I am so very thankful to have them on our team as we navigate sports and recovery after injury. They are the best!

    Cole M.

  • My experience at Austin Physical Therapy has exceeded all my expectations. Mary and Casey have been great! They taught me so much during my healing process and were a constant source of encouragement. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. They sincerely care about their patients and have helped me get back on my feet and back to work. I couldn’t be happier with my progress.

    Mary Mc.

  • Awesome therapist who make me feel welcomed and are trying to help me improve my chronic pain

    CORE Strength & Performance