Patti LaPorte, Billing

Behind the scenes making a difference . . . is how Patti likes to think of her roll at Austin Physical Therapy. You won’t see her in the office because technology has allowed her to work at a remote location as the Billing Manager. Patti believes each patient should receive excellent service. That’s why it’s important that each patient focus on their treatment and getting well and not about their insurance claims. Processing physical therapy claims is different; it’s not like going to the doctor when you have the flu. Physical therapy treatment could take several weeks depending on a patient’s treatment plan. The billing aspect needs to run efficiently from the first visit until the last. Filing claims, posting payments, and an accurate statement are all in play when it comes to billing. To Patti it’s about the “Wow Factor” . . . even though patients don’t know they’re being wowed.

Most of Patti’s experience has been in the financial industry . She has worked for banks in Texas, Arizona, and California. Her experience ranges from working the front lines as a teller to managing more than 12 branches. In 2011, Patti decided to make a career change and worked for a physical therapy billing service managing 12 clinics.

“Currently, I bill for one of the most dedicated physical therapy clinics I have ever billed for – Austin Physical Therapy,” says Patti.

Patti has seven grandchildren. “They all call me grandma even though I’m a hip one.”

She has a wide range of music tastes from Neil Diamond and The Eagles to Lady Gaga and Pitbull. In her spare time, Patti loves crafting, refurbishing furniture, designing new art décor, and creating mixed media art. She also loves to read and visit the beach.

Behind the Scenes
Patti works hard behind the scenes to process patient insurance claims quickly and accurately, so patients can concentrate on getting well.