Kasi McDermott, TPI Trainer / Physical Therapy Assistant

Kasi first joined Austin PT as a patient in 2010 after her fourth knee surgery. She has been with us ever since! Kasi was first an outstanding PT Tech and utility player; playing every position in the office at one point. From there, Kasi obtained a personal training certification and then became a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Trainer. Since then, she has obtained many more TPI Certifications such as top Fitness Level 3/Junior Level 3 Coach. Kasi was able to complete all of this while pursuing her degree and becoming a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant.

Kasi has a great deal of knowledge about sports injury and recovery from her own background and has extensive knowledge of Knee injury and rehabilitation. She often shares that her own personal knee injuries are what led her to Austin PT and not only made her extremely passionate about injury prevention, but also aiding others in their recovery process. Kasi is seeing patients at both of our locations, but spends most of her time at our Cove Location which doubles as our Pool Therapy and Performance Center.

Kasi is now our Lead Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Fitness Level 3/Junior Level 3 Coach. She works with golfers (of all ages) and golf teaching professionals/coaches to identify any possible physical limitations that maybe be hindering performance, causing injury, or holding an athlete back from performing to full potential. Kasi does an amazing job at developing programs that result in increases in strength, mobility, swing speeds, and performance levels. She has an excellent ability to see movement pattern issues that not only impact golf performance but other sports as well, such as soccer, basketball, baseball and tennis. Based on her findings, Kasi then uses that information and creates very specific and exciting programs to change physical abilities, prevent injuries, and ensure her athletes are propelled to their potential. Because of this, she has seen amazing results and success with coaching her athletes.

When she isn’t working at Austin PT, Kasi is an avid athlete. She can be found most frequently on the golf course, playing basketball, fishing, hunting, wakeboarding, riding her Jet Ski, and soaking in the sun at the beach.

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified
Kasi enjoys training golfers and athletes of all ages at the Austin Physical Therapy’s Performance Center.