Health Tips to Help You During A Pandemic

  • Avoid Large Crowds and Unnecessary Trips
  • Practice Regular Handwashing- 20 Seconds is the Goal!
  • Wear a Mask in Public!
  • Stay Home If You Are Not Feeling Well!

Coronavirus Update



December 11th, 2020

Governor Kay Ivey has issued her twentieth supplemental emergency proclamation this week, extending the Safer at Home Order/Mask Mandate until January 22, 2021. As the COVID numbers in North Alabama have been reportedly increasing , Austin PT is more diligent than ever in our efforts to create safe and clean environment for you to get your healthcare needs attended to.

        • Mandatory face coverings in Austin PT and Performance clinics
        • Social distancing within our waiting rooms and gyms
        • Patient and staff screening prior to entry of our treatment areas
        • Integrated “Clean Cone” system to show if a station has been cleaned or not
        • Early morning and evening appointments available
        • Telehealth appointments available
        • Limited number of patients/clients in our facilities at one time
        • Immediate openings


November 5th, 2020

To our loyal patients who have been working with us during the COVID- 19 pandemic, we want to say a BIG Thank You!  We value your genuine trust in us to provide you with a safe and healthy environment so that we can concentrate on your health needs and alleviating the pains or conditions that brought you to us.

To our potential customers, we want you to feel 100% comfortable with the safety precautions and procedures we continue to administer on a daily basis.  We will continue to monitor the latest CDC guidelines and Governor Ivey’s Safer at Home ordinance to keep our patients and staff healthy and safe.

With rigorous cleaning and screening procedures being implemented daily, our clinics remain open to the public and we are operating at regular business hours.  Waiting rooms remain limited in chairs with space for patients/clients to keep proper distancing.  We are monitoring staff and patient temperatures upon arrival. The statewide mask ordinance has been extended to December 11th, 2020 and we are encouraging patients to do their part in lowering the spread of COVID-19.

If you are still feeling unsafe about returning to in-person appointments, Telehealth alternatives are readily available. We want to thank you all for your continued loyalty and understanding.



August 4, 2020

With the COVID-19 situation still evolving, we find it important to keep you updated on what we are doing to ensure the safety and health of our patients and staff.

  • We are still open our regular business hours Monday - Friday and operating with continued vigilance. We are continuously encouraging patients to stay home if you are not feeling well. Otherwise, we are here and ready to see you for your appointments.
  • Virtual appointments are still being offered and encouraged if you are uncomfortable with being around the public!
  • In coordination with Governor Ivey's recommendation, we are requiring ALL staff to wear a mask. We are also asking that patients wear a mask when entering our facilities and during treatment apart from those who have difficulty breathing. If you are unable to bring a mask from home, we do have masks available upon request.

Austin Physical Therapy is excited to welcome you back into our clinics! Despite all the recent changes, our Austin PT team is prepared to get you living a pain-free, full functioning life! 😎

                                        We hope to see you soon!! 


May 22, 2020

Austin Physical Therapy is now a Telehealth PT Provider!!

So, what does that mean for YOU?  Telehealth allows us to give you outstanding Physical Therapy services very similar to what you receive within our facility, via virtual visits. We recognize that pain knows no boundaries and if you or someone you know needs Physical Therapy but is feeling discouraged or fearful about venturing into the public, this option is for YOU!

Telehealth PT is covered by ALL insurances. In addition, all insurance companies are waiving cost sharing, coinsurance's, and deductibles when utilizing this service. If you or someone you know would like to set up a Telehealth virtual appointment, please reach out to Ashley at (256)883-9494 option #2.



May 4, 2020

Come see us for your Physical Therapy AND Performance needs!

As of May 11th, our Performance Center in Hampton Cove will REOPEN and we will be seeing clients by appointment!

Our enhanced cleaning protocols remain in the Performance Center as well as the entire clinic. If you have not already, please contact Kasi @ 256-509-8339 to get an appointment!

We have made it our mission to function with enhanced safety protocols and reduced patient volumes to maximize social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.



April 7, 2020


Physical Therapy has been deemed an “Essential Business”.

Since physical therapy has been listed among essential businesses, our doors remain open! We are currently operating at our regular business hours, and continue to make every effort possible to maintain the safety of our patients and staff members. 

We would like for our patients to know that we are constantly evaluating the pressing situation at hand, and we are not taking it lightly. Safety is a TOP priority, and we are keeping it at the forefront of our mind with every decision we make. We know that many of you are still in pain, recovering from surgeries, and are unsure what to do moving forward. We understand that pain does not stop simply because you have been forced to stop your daily routines. With this being said, we wanted to let our patients know that there is still HOPE, and there is still a place with people that are committed to your success available to you. 

We thank you for your continued trust and patience during this difficult and unprecedented time!

If you have any questions about our updated policies and efforts to keep our patients safe, please see the prior updates below, the FAQ’s, and/or feel free to reach out to us at


March 30, 2020 Update

We continue to be vigilant in cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing everything in the clinic that we or our patients come in contact with.   

Some of the steps we are taking to ensure our patients and staff remain safe are:

  • We are currently making all visits 1 person per hour with 1 clinician. We also have private treatment areas available upon request.  
  • Additionally, we have reduced the number of people in any office at one time to allow for more social distancing.
  • We have removed the chairs from our waiting rooms so no one is waiting in the office spaces.  Additional accommodations are provided upon request.
  • We are providing gloves for all patients and staff members to wear when in the clinic. 
  • We will continue to clean all surfaces prior to, during, and after each visit to minimize any risk.  
  • We are encouraging our staff and patients to stop touching their faces at all costs, as this is a primary method of transmission.  We welcome masks as well to help keep the face touching to a minimum. However, due to the shortage of masks, we unfortunately can not provide these for patients.

 We are looking into Telehealth options for our valued patients that are not able to come in and still in need of continuing PT care.  As this option has not been available for us to provide in Alabama previously, we are waiting for insurance companies to approve this method of treatment.  Once this is approved, we will be offering it. If you are interested in the Telehealth PT visit, please call Ashley to get scheduled or seek more information. 


March 23, 2020 

Our staff at Austin PT would like to assure you that  we are taking every precaution and measure possible during this difficult time to ensure that you have a safe and clean environment to continue your therapy treatment. We feel strongly that our primary responsibility is to ensure your health and safety while in our clinic and while receiving the Physical Therapy, Pool Therapy, and Performance Services necessary to allow you to live a pain-free, fully functioning life.

Our highly trained staff has always practiced industry-exceeding techniques to ensure our healthcare facilities, linens, and equipment are disinfected and handled properly each and every day. We continue our diligence with those cleaning and disinfecting techniques and are continually screening our new and current patients for any signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

We remain vigilant to protect you and our associates through our thorough cleaning and disinfecting practices in all of our clinics. However, if you believe you may be experiencing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive in the last 14 days, have a fever, or have any of the CDC listed symptoms, we respectfully ask that you call our office to reschedule your appointment for a later date. We will not charge a rescheduling fee at this time.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our facilities, practices, and preparedness for COVID-19 by calling us 256-883-9494 or emailing us at


March 16, 2020

Austin PT is committed to being your outpatient PT provider of choice. We know that our primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of our patients and the associates who serve you.

As always, we practice CDC-recommended procedures and products for cleaning our surfaces, linens, and hands before, during, and after each patient treatment. We have instituted detailed action plans should our clinics be affected by the COVID-19 virus.

Thank you for continuing to place your trust in us; we know that your need for Physical Therapy, Pool Therapy and Performance Services does not stop during times of global crisis, and we will continue providing you the Exceptional Non-Traditional level of care you have come to expect from us.  We are operating under the normal operating hours and days of service.



  • Should I cancel my appointment?

    We are asking all patients who have come into contact with someone with a diagnosis of Coronavirus, or have symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath, to please avoid scheduling or attending your appointment until you are fever-free (without using fever-controlling medicines) for at least 3 days AND your respiratory symptoms have improved, AND at least 7 days have passed since symptoms first appeared, per the CDC’s most recent guidance**. Otherwise, we would encourage you to continue with your appointments so that you follow your plan of care.


  • Can I postpone my treatment plan?

    If you are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or have come into contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the virus, we would ask that you postpone your treatment until you are fever-free (without using fever-controlling medicines) for 3 days AND your respiratory symptoms have improved AND at least 7 days have passed since symptoms first appeared, per the CDC’s most recent guidance**. Depending on the circumstances, postponing your treatment may cause setbacks in your physical therapy progress. Please call the clinic and speak to your therapist regarding exercises that you can do at home until continuing your treatment plan at the clinic.


  • Should I wear a face mask to PT?

    • If you have a Facemask feel free to wear it.  We want you to feel comfortable and safe while with us. Your therapist may or may not be wearing one as well.  
    • Since CDC has not had a strong stance on basic facemasks yet, we still think it won’t hurt if it helps us stop touching our faces.
    • Due to the shortage of Facemasks, however, we unfortunately cannot provide them for our patients.


  • What if I want to reschedule my appointment?

    If you need to reschedule your appointment, please call the location in which you are scheduled so that they can help you find the next available timeslot.

  • How are you keeping your patients and staff safe?

    We are consistently wiping down all machines, surfaces, and equipment that come into contact with a patient with CDC-approved techniques and disinfectants. We have increased our screening techniques with our new patients, current patients, and staff.

    Precautionary measures include:

    • Washing our hands prior to and after every patient encounter
    • Wiping down mat tables and equipment surfaces between each patient use with an approved antiseptic formula
    • Washing any linens used during treatment sessions with a recommended ratio of chlorine bleach and hot water

  • How are you keeping social distancing in a clinic atmosphere?

    • We are currently making all visits 1 person per hour with 1 clinician and have private treatment areas available upon request.  
    • Additionally, we have reduced the number of people in any office at one time to allow for more social distancing 
    • We have removed the chairs from our waiting rooms so no one is waiting in the office spaces.  Additional accommodations are provided upon request.

  • With the federal government recommending gatherings of 10 or less, how are you able to treat patients in your clinic?

    We utilize private treatment rooms and common areas strategically to increase spacing between patients; we are also asking that only those essential to care accompany patients to their treatment sessions.

  • Will you stay open as an “essential” health care provider”?

    Yes. Under the current guidelines, physical therapy clinics qualify as an essential business.

    While several State governments are increasingly calling for the closure of bars, restaurants, and other “non-essential” businesses in efforts to enforce “social distancing,” physical therapy is defined as an “essential service” in the law requiring physical therapy and other rehabilitation services be covered by the Affordable Care Act (ACA)-compliant and state-marketplace health insurance under “essential benefits.”


  • Do you have special hours?

    As of now, all of our clinics are operating under their normal business hours.