Employment and Shadowing Opportunities

We are always looking for motivated individuals who share in our mission to join our team! Please email your resume, CV and contact information to Jay Austin.

Physical Therapy Aide

Austin PT hires pre-physical therapy students to work as physical therapy aides in our clinic. An aide has various duties from assisting the physical therapist with patient care to maintaining a clean and well-stocked clinic. If you are interested in an aide position, please contact Jay Austin at 256.883.9494 or via email.

Shadowing Opportunities

Austin Physical Therapy periodically accepts students and persons interested in shadowing a Physical Therapist to gain insight into the profession. Typically shadowing takes place in the clinic in 2-4 hour intervals occurring 1 to 2 times per week for 2 to 4 weeks. Schedules are flexible and can be discussed and rearranged as needed with an individual PT. For more information or to schedule an interview please send your inquiry to Jay Austin at 256.883.9494 or via email.