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Not So Traditional Physical Therapy… Feel the Difference!

"Not So Traditional" Assessment

At Austin PT, we promise to take the time to evaluate and assess what your body is doing, what position it is in, and what limitations you have. Our assessments are objective, measurable, and focused on functional improvements.

"Not So Traditional” Understanding

Our clinicians are trained in the Postural Restoration Institute® of physical medicine. We recognize that our bodies are created inherently asymmetrical. and recognize patterns of excessive asymmetry and the resulting limitations.

"Not So Traditional” Integration

Our approach to treatment is based on the integration of your body’s biomechanical, respiratory and neurological systems and our exercises are based on how all of these systems work together in your body.

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Scientific foundation for your relief and recovery

At Austin Physical Therapy, we rebuild your physical health with tried, true, and proven therapy techniques based on the science of human anatomy. This therapy method is unique and carefully developed to provide maximum pain relief to optimize your strength, range of motion, and give you the most complete return to normal physical activities possible. Our therapy can be the building-blocks to not only your full recovery, but beyond!

  • Reposition

    Inhibit muscle chains working out of balance

  • Retrain

    Facilitate new motor patterns to hold more symmetric positions

  • Restore

    Ability to restore with normal function with reciprocal movement

Results-Driven Physical Therapy

Your Physical Therapy is Your Choice

When your doctor refers you to physical therapy, you have the right to choose where you go.  Austin Physical Therapy is committed  to earning your trust and honoring your choice by providing outstanding, innovative, personalized therapy that focuses on you. Austin Physical Therapy accepts ALL Major Insurance plans, flexible payment plans, cash programs for no insurance.

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Our Therapy Clinics’ Locations

Austin Physical Therapy
2089 Cecil Ashburn Drive, Suite 202
Huntsville, AL 35802
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Fax: (256) 883-9490

Austin Physical Therapy – Pool Therapy and Performance Center
5540 Highway 431S, Suite A
Brownsboro, AL 35741
(256) 964-7766

Fax: (256) 213-7820